Empasys™ Walk-in Money Solutions

EmpaSys, Electronic Payment Solution, owned by Security Bank meets the needs of a the “unbanked” and “underbanked” population by providing a way for them to pay all of their bills, load a variety of pre-paid debit cards, and transfer money internationally at one convenient location. It does not matter where the biller or provider is located,

  Grupo Ingedigit
  Grupo Ingedigit is a leading provider of technology solutions. It is certified by MasterCard® Worldwide as a third-party processor and fully conforms to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards. Its Financial Services product offerings include:
Systems and Services for the Electronic Processing of Financial Transactions
Applications in Core Banking, Bank trusts, Financial Risk, Treasury and Broker Houses
Business Intelligence.
Encryption devices
Fraud Detection in Debit, Credit and Capital (money laundering).
Prepay products for Cellular Telephony and Debit Cards. POS, ATM and Kiosk devices
System Management and Monitoring of ATMs and POS terminals
  Alterna Card Services

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