Joseph Seroussi, President

Joseph Seroussi, is with Power2Process since its inception, possesses more than 25 years of experience in the management and structuring of processing and telecommunications operations and businesses. Mr. Seroussi served as CTO of Globetel Communications Corporation and the CEO of Suprem Telecom Solutions, a joint venture with Group Ingedigit, a leading provider of financial and telecommunications products and services in Venezuela. Mr. Seroussi was the founder and CEO of Corporacion Transdata, a carrier, licensed to provide private data circuits in Venezuela. Mr. Seroussi held various management positions at Tadiran Limited, of Israel during 15 years in R&D, Management and Business Development of Computing and Communications Systems.

Mr.Seroussi holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and an MS degree in Business Management from the Technion Polytechnic Institute of Israel. He is a retired officer of the Israel Defense Force.

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